Jelinno brings your child’s unique personality to every photo. We know kids live in a land of wonder and imagination, a world where each is a larger-than-life rockstar, famous chef, princess mermaid or superhero fireman saving the day. We encourage children to play and make their make-believe come to life in front of the camera. They have fun as our photographer helps each child come out of their shell for truly memorable photos. Check out our birthday, school, event, photobooth and headshot photography for kids.

My daughter heard the photographer’s instructions and felt like the model she wanted to be. She loved getting to pose with all the lights. -Kid Model Session

Our lead photographer Faye has over 5 years of experience photographing children. She has worked with numerous schools and parents and creates extraordinary portrait and event photography experiences for kids. Based in New York, she uses her love of improv – and the occasional British accent, to invite children to unleash their creative genius in photos parents will cherish.

Wonderful experience! We love the photos from our event and the quality attention given to each child. – Children’s Birthday Photography

Kids see the lights, camera and backdrop and know it is their moment to shine! -Photobooth Theme Night

Photo sessions are scheduled at schools, event venues, and homes. Portraits, birthday parties, themed photobooth experiences and more are available for your child or school.

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